Celebration Dance

What is the “Celebration Dance”?

In short, the Celebration Dance is simply a celebration of life. Like singing a song, humming some bars or whistling a tune, you just celebrate life with a little dance whenever you feel like it or need to do it.

History – The Celebration Dance has many similarities to the Budots Dance. “Budots” came from the word “Tabudots”- meaning, a person(s) dancing with crazy, funny moves/dance steps which resulted in the Budots Dance or “sayaw sa mga tabudot”.

The music is simple yet has deep bass, static sounds, occasional scratching, horns of varying pitches and tempo, DJ spiels throughout, sometimes distorted vocals, looped all over and which makes up the “Budots” formula.

Almost all Filipinos who enjoy the Budots Dance believe that it was originally started in the City of Davao, Philippines. However, no one really knows who was the person responsible for the wonderful dance. Some believe that the spirit of the dance may have been inspired by Santa Claus as the Celebration Dance has the same rules and magic.

How do I do this Dance?

It’s really simple. As the description of the dance suggest, just have fun and go bananas for a minute. Let the music dictate your movement. In short, dance what you want to dance!

Most dances are short, less than one minute and can be done anywhere. People will use this dance to simply and spontaneously celebrate life. The magic of this celebratory dance will help cast away your sorrows and stimulate happiness, love, hope, joy and peace. Some have used this dance to express peaceful Political statements.

Earlier this year, students in the Philippines used “Noynoying” to make a Political Statement. In some countries citizens must be careful and creative about the manner in which they protest.

Santa supports any peaceful means of protest and artful expression of love, peace and freedom.

Celebration Dance Contest

Please send us the embed code from your Video posting. If Santa displays your Video on the Website you will be automatically entered into the Celebration Dance Contest.

All dances should be less than one minute and should contain you ending your dance with the universal Peace Sign showing your support of peace, love and freedom.

The Winner will get additional exposure from Santa.

All Contestants will receive a Thank You Letter from Santa for making a contribution.

Out of respect for the origin of the Budots Dance and to help offset expenses Winning Contestants from the Philippines will also receive 50 pesos worth of cell phone load and the top ten Winners will receive 100 pesos worth of cell phone load.

See contest rules from more details.

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