Our mission at is to encourage everyone to Vote.  Santa sincerely hopes you will carefully review each Candidate and Vote for someone.  We do not care who you Vote for and respect that this is a very personal decision.  However, we are concerned, that due to the large number of undecided, confused and disgusted Voters, many will simply not Vote. If one of the Candidates has not earned your Vote by Election Day, then we encourage you to do a “write-in” and Vote For Santa. Why, because a Vote For Santa is a statement, a loud message to local, state and federal governments, that can only be heard, if you Vote.

To help you with your Voting decision, Santa will share with you the websites he researches to help determine who is being naughty or nice.

While we have very serious issues facing our world/country today, we hope will not only inform but also entertain you. It is always best to inspire change through humor rather than tears. You gotta laugh to keep from crying about today’s Politics.  Please make sure to cast your “Straw Vote” on While not a scientific poll, it is meant to give an indication of Voter’s current mindsets. Also, for fun, check out the Political Hummor section; there are Poliitcal games and other fun stuff. Lastly, check out our online store for T-shirts, hats, bumper stickers and other Politcal gifts and attention grabers.

Become a Santa’s Helper.

  1. Our mission is to utilize grass roots efforts through Social Networking to spread the word.  Please make sure to Like Santa and post the Widget on your Facebook page and websites, Tweet about, add Santa to your Google Circle and other favorite Social websites.
  2. Blog, comment, write an article, sing a song, make a video, express yourself and tell the world you care. We hope that you will contribute your opinions, views, ideas, concerns, solutions and creative expressions.
  3. Santa wants to see world hungry gone. Santa is disgusted with the money he sees going into Super PACs instead of hungry mouths. Santa supports the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. You will notice on the website a link to “Free Rice”. This wonderful application allows you to answer fun questions in a variety of topics and every time you get a right answer, grains of Rice are donated by Sponsors to feed the hungry.  This application is a wonderful fun learning tool that provides heartfelt rewards. It is also great for Kids, you can adjust the level and topics of questions asked so anyone can learn and contribute at the same time. Please join Santa’s Group so your Free Rice contributions can be included under All participates will receive a special Letter from Santa. Participation is Free.

Thank you!

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